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    2 RAR: Embracing Transformation, Upholding Tradition

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jul 5, 2023 10:51:33 AM

    A Navy Ship is an unusual setting for infantry training, wouldn't you agree? But what if we told you it was a reality for the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR)? Since 2018, 2RAR has transformed from a Light Infantry Battalion to an Amphibious Force Battalion. 


    Every Two Years, 2RAR Embarks on Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) on a Royal Australian Navy (Landing Helicopter Dock) Ship. The large deck is morphed into an arena for various drills, live fire ranges, combat first aid, safeguarding civilian populations, and urban clearance exercises. All to ready for disembarking and conduct their new roles in the littoral warfare space of modern combat. 


    These experiences came on the heels of a significant restructuring programme named Plan Beersheba, announced in late 2011. On October 15, 2017, 2 RAR began reporting directly to the 1st Division headquarters, moving away from the 3rd Brigade. Based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, the Battalion has become the division's specialist amphibious infantry battalion. Its primary role is to provide specialist capabilities to conduct pre-landing activities for other elements of the Army, including small boat operators, reconnaissance and sniper teams, command, communications, and logistics elements. 



    With around 350 personnel, 2 RAR is smaller than the RAR's infantry battalions. Yet, it holds a crucial role: to perform amphibious reconnaissance and surveillance, small boat operations, battle space shaping and limited-scale raiding in support of a Joint Amphibious Task Force. The Battalion's primary function is to provide critical information for the commander of the ADF's Amphibious Task Group and other decision-makers. Its responsibilities include reconnoitring and seizing beaches, helicopter landing zones, and airfields for the Australian Amphibious Force's main ground combat element. 


    2 RAR transitioned to a new structure in January 2018, which included a battalion headquarters, a security company with four infantry platoons, a support company, and an administration company. The Battalion will be deployed as the main element of the Australian Amphibious Force's Joint Pre-Landing Force (JPLF). 


    Against this backdrop, we revisit the sterling service of Frank Moffitt, a revered elder statesman of the RAR, to whom his family has recently paid tribute. Moffitt was honoured to serve the 2 RAR four times during seminal chapters, including stints in Japan, Korea, Malaya, and South Vietnam. His dedication to his comrades was steadfast, even in the face of personal jeopardy. His life, service, and unflinching dedication were aptly commemorated in a stirring eulogy by George Mansford and an emotionally charged poem. 


    Read the tribute to Frank Moffit here. Discover the stunning limited edition The Silver Solider here.


    Frank Moffitt personified the ethos of the 2 RAR: 'Second to None.' This spirit echoes in the sanctioned reproduction of the original 'The Silver Soldier' of the 2RAR. Birthed during operations in Malaya from 1961 to 1963, the figurine was conceived as a depiction of a quintessential Australian soldier. It adorned the 2 RAR Officers' Mess during events. Crafted by Ray Ewers, the statuette was designed as a tactile reminder of the Battalion's storied past and a tribute to those who had the honour of serving in this distinguished Battalion. 


    Today, the 'Silver Soldier' statuette occupies a place of reverence in the office of the Commanding Officer of 2 RAR (Amphib), serving as a silent yet potent reminder of the Battalion's history, its dedicated service, and its motto: 'Second to None.' Present members of the Battalion, both at sea and on land, whether training or in the throes of combat, carry an immense pride in their shared heritage. They steadfastly uphold their values and traditions, a testament to their commitment, resilience, and unwavering resolve. Much like the enduring legacy of Frank Moffitt, the 'Silver Soldier' stands as a timeless emblem of the spirit and the ethos of the 2 RAR: 'Second to None.' 


    If you want to know more about the 2RAR, read about our earlier collaboration with them to design army figurines.

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