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    A Spotlight on Our Top 10 Most Loved Figurines

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    Posted by Military Voice on May 14, 2024 10:00:00 AM

    In the world of collectibles, there exists a unique niche that blends artistry with history, paying homage to the valour and sacrifices of those who served the Australian military. We know that sometimes it's the little things that bring greater impact. In this case, those little things are our exquisite figurines capturing great stories. These figurines aren't just collectibles but are a tribute to the rich history and the heroic spirit of the Australian military. Join us as we shine a spotlight on our top 10 most loved figurines.  


    1. 1. Beersheba Turn the Tide Light Horse Limited Edition Figurine 


    Turn The Tide

    The list begins with a figurine that transports us to the arid sands of Beersheba, where the Light Horsemen's daring charge turned the tide of World War I. This limited-edition cold-cast bronze figurine commemorates the 4th Light Horse Brigade's iconic charge at Beersheba in 1917. It captures the leap over trenches, adorned with a crystal engraved with the 1904 Rising Sun badge and backlit with LEDs, adding a unique fourth dimension to this remarkable artwork. Make this figurine a part of your collection now. 


    1. 2. Desert Mounted Corps Limited Edition Figurine 

    Light_Horse_Desert Mounted CorpsStep into the shoes of the gallant troops of the Desert Mounted Corps, reliving their remarkable exploits during World War I's desert campaigns. This limited-edition figurine pays tribute to the Desert Mounted Corps of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who served in World War 1. It's a striking rendition of the Light Horse Memorial on Anzac Parade, Canberra, honouring their enduring bonds and spirit of mateship. Discover the details of this beautiful figurine. 


    1. 3. A Bond Forged Limited-Edition Figurine 

     A dog and its handler

    Explore the unbreakable bond between handler and military working dog with our captivating cold-cast figurine. This mid-size masterpiece beautifully captures the loyalty and connection forged through training and care. Add it to your collection and celebrate this unique relationship. 


    1. 4. Letter From Home Australian Light Horse Limited Edition Figurine 

     Letter From Home Australian Light Horse Limited Edition Figurine

    A poignant portrayal of the emotional connection between soldiers and their loved ones, this limited-edition figurine captures the heart-wrenching beauty of letters from home. These moments of connection and comfort amid adversity highlight the profound bond between rider and mount, reminding us of the resilience forged on the battlefield. Own this masterpiece today.  


    1. 5. Stand Down Figurine 


    This figurine portrays a moment of respite after the storm of battle, serving as a tribute to the sacrifices made by our military personnel. Discover a timeless masterpiece in this full-size cold-cast bronze figurine, elegantly mounted on wood. Capturing a soldier's slouch hat atop combat boots, it serves as a striking bookend, cherished trophy, or heartfelt farewell gift. Bring home the essence of courage. 


    1. 6. Vietnam Digger Figurine 


    The Vietnam Digger figurine commemorates the valour and resilience of Australian soldiers who served in the challenging theatres of the Vietnam War. His attire, including the distinctive 'giggle hat' and the iconic L1A1 Self Loading Rifle, reflects the era's military gear. Secure your piece of history. 


    1. 7. Unbreakable Bonds Australian Light Horse Figurine 

     Unbreakable Bonds Australian Light Horse Limited Edition FigurineThe bonds formed on the battlefield are truly unbreakable, and this figurine beautifully encapsulates the enduring strength of these connections. Celebrate the enduring bond between Australian Light Horsemen and their Waler mounts with this cold-cast bronze figurine. In remarkable detail, it portrays a poignant moment – a loyal mount patiently awaiting his injured rider's return. Don't miss out on this.  


    1. 8. Somalia Figurine 


    The Master Creations Somalia Figurine captures a poignant moment of a soldier aiding a young girl, serving as a meaningful memento for Somalia veterans, families, and collectors. Inspired by Gary Ramage's iconic photograph, it embodies the spirit of service and humanity, honouring those who served our nation in Somalia. Add this symbol of valour to your collection today.  


    1. 9. The Memory of Sandakan - Borneo 1945 Figurine

      Sandakan Figurine

      This figurine embodies brutal honesty, paying tribute to the Sandakan prisoner of war camp's tragic history in Borneo. It stands as a solemn reminder of the Australian and British prisoners who endured unimaginable suffering there during World War II. For all nations who lost loved ones to Japanese camps, it serves as an enduring promise that the truth will always be remembered. Secure yours today.

    2. 10. The Walers Mate Light Horse Figurine 


    This limited-edition cold cast bronze figurine pays homage to the extraordinary bond between Australian Light Horsemen and their trusted Waler mounts. Bred for the rugged Australian terrain, the Walers proved their mettle in the Middle East's deserts. Serving in the Mediterranean, Egyptian Expeditionary Forces, and even on the Western Front, the Light Horsemen were mounted infantry who fought on foot, displaying unmatched courage and adaptability. Order yours now. 


    To conclude, these figurines transcend the realm of collectibles; they are gateways to our nation's past, to the stories of courage and sacrifice that have shaped Australia. Whether you're a collector, a history enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the profound narratives these figurines tell, they are a treasure trove of Australia's military heritage. Delve into the details of each figurine, uncovering the history they embody and the emotions they evoke. Explore the full range of full-size and miniature figurines today.  

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