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    All About Medals

    There are hundreds of medals issued to military, police, emergency services and civilians. Each Award is governed by...

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    Giving families beautiful ways to connect with family service and Anzac traditions.

    BrandNet has been proud to serve the defence community over the past 30 years, creating stunning items that capture...

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    Stand Up, Be Seen This Anzac Day

    Whether you’re a veteran, a veteran’s family member or descendant, or simply share pride in their service, Anzac Day is...

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    ANZAC Q&A - What did the Anzacs do for relaxation?

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    Top Essential Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear That You Need Now

    Looking for Australian survival supplies? At the Military Shop, we offer a wide range of tactical gear and survival...

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    Remembering the Battle of Milne Bay

    The Battle of Milne Bay in August and September 1942 was a turning point in Australia’s War in the Pacific, and a major...

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    Spice Up Any Uniform With Branded Accessories

    A uniform is a great way to create a consistent and professional image for your brand. But sometimes, a uniform can...

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    Keith Payne: Then and Now.

    On 24th May 1969, in Kontum Province, Warrant Officer Class II Payne was Commanding 212th Company of 1st Mobile Strike...

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    The 5 ways buying in bulk helps your organisation.

    Let’s break down 5 of the most important reasons your organisation should look at buying in bulk. Using wholesale...

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    The Story of the Long Tan Cross

    The Long Tan Cross has been knocked down; repurposed as a grave headstone; had its brass plaque commandeered for a BBQ...

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