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    Autumn is here, are you ready?

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    Posted by Military Voice on Feb 10, 2022 12:27:36 PM

    As the seasons change and the weather is still tempting us outside, now is the time to keep in mind that it’s easy to be caught out as we head into autumn. So it’s important to be prepared for a whole range of weather to help you stay dry, stay cool, or stay warm because it’s that classic time of year when you might have to do all of those in one day! We’ve rounded up two of the most important items for the new season as the weather shifts and becomes a little less predictable. 

    Lightweight jackets - ready for the unpredictable weather

    The perfect option as the weather changes, lightweight and waterproof jackets are the best way to be ready for rain and a great option for cutting out wind, helping you stay warm even if the weather turns on you. Using a stowaway option or a jacket that folds down is also a perfect way to be ready for your next adventure in autumn. For quick access, small foldaway options are the ideal jacket to bring when you leave the house.  

    Discover two of our top picks for lightweight water repellent jackets perfect for your autumn adventures.  

    BN32937 - Rainbird Stowaway Waterproof Jacket - Black

    Rainbird Stowaway Waterproof Jacket - Black


    Snugpak Platatac Badger Insulated Hoody - Olive

    Drinkware – don’t be caught without this season. 

    Seasons may be changing, but hot days are still on the horizon. Make sure you don’t get caught out on a hot day with the ultimate drinkware for your next adventure. From our huge selection of drinkware, we’ve chosen some of the key ones to have with you this autumn. 

    1. Water bladder

    Normally the largest of the water carrying options you’ll have with you, a water bladder is a fantastic way to carry and drink from a large water container without having to pour any out into smaller drinking containers. The bonus flexibility of bladders and their ability to be placed at the top of packs makes them a must-have as the seasons change. Looking for options? Check out the range

    1. Thermal Mug

    Going the other way now, thermal mugs are a great option to keep your drinks warm for hours and the perfect accompaniment for the cooler mornings we’ll start to experience as we head into autumn. Check out the Lifeventure Thermal Mug for a great option we know you’ll love. 

    2L Water Bottle

    A classic in any seasoned adventurers tool kit. A large 2L bottle offers a water bottle at the perfect size for everyday adventures and longer ones. Picking a durable and great sealing bottle is really important to make sure you're ready for anything. Our 2L South African Style Water Bottle is our top pick this season! Check it out now. 

    As seasons shift, it’s important to be prepared for the changing weather to make the most of all your adventures. Whether that’s staying warm when it’s cold, or dry when it’s wet, being prepared is everything. Be ready this autumn with great tactical and field gear products we know you’ll love. Shop the full range of tactical gear on your favourite shop today.  

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