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    Affiliate Program: Boost Your Profits or Fundraising All Year Round

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jun 20, 2022 4:13:37 PM

    From busy periods to quiet ones, the business or fundraising calendar can mean there may be periods in the year where you see your fundraising slowing down. While you may be able to utilise the amount you raised during your busy periods to help you through the slow ones, these quiet periods present an incredible opportunity to add another channel to your fundraising toolkit. Affiliate programs allow your supporters to help you raise money when they shop or sign-up through your links, helping you fundraise all year round with minimal costs.

    Why be a part of an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    While not a traditional fundraising or commerce technique, Affiliate programs can be a great source of fundraising for not-for-profit organisations and additional income for businesses. With its low-cost and low-risk nature, affiliate programs are a simple way to continue raising money for important causes, even when the larger-scale events have passed on the calendar.

    Pros and Cons: Affiliate Marketing


    The benefits of utilising Affiliate programs for your not-for-profit fundraising or business are numerous, so let’s explore some of the most important ones.


    Low or No Costs


    With easy-to-set-up functions, Affiliate programs have a low or no start-up cost. The Military Shop Affiliate Program offers a free sign-up to make it easy for our business and not-for-profit customers to access. These low start-up costs make Affiliate programs a wonderful option for a steady stream of fundraising and revenue.


    Less Risk for You


    Rather than more traditional fundraising and business methods, where products are purchased at wholesale pricing and then resold to raise funds or profit, the Military Shop Affiliate Program means you don’t have to purchase stock to make a profit. Eliminating the need for you to hold and subsequently move stock to raise funds, Affiliate programs mean you can broaden the products you’re offering as part of your catalogue without taking on increased risk.


    Standard Commissions With Great Specials


    Affiliate programs allow you to receive a commission when you successfully refer or get a sign-up. Here at the Military Shop, our affiliate program runs on referrals, so every time you successfully refer a customer (this can be through links or codes!) you’ll receive a commission. Our standard commission is 5% with special offers and promotions of up to 30% commission to help boost your fundraising or profits!


    Now let’s take a quick look at one of the main challenges you may need to consider when using affiliate programs.


    Let Your Supporters Know


    The primary challenge for not-for-profits and businesses beginning their journey as an affiliate can be sharing the information with supporters. Make sure to consistently provide your unique affiliate code to supporters while also letting them know when sales are on to maximise their savings. Through our program, marketing materials are also available to help you boost your connections with your supporters!


    Want to maximise your business and fundraising potential all year round? Then add affiliate marketing to your toolbox to help you continue to generate funds even when the traditional fundraising and business busy periods are over.


    Become a part of the Military Shop Affiliate Program today and get started on your journey with us. Sign up here.


    Already a member? Access tools and helpful tutorials through our Affiliate Portal to bring out the best in your affiliate marketing throughout the year. Learn more.

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