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    The Purple Poppy brings communities together.

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    Posted by Military Voice on Mar 4, 2022 4:45:24 PM

    While most Australians are familiar with the red poppy as a symbol of commemoration, the purple poppy is becoming more recognisable to the Australian public. 

    Used to commemorate war and service animals, the purple poppy has become an important symbol alongside the traditional motifs we know. The Military Shop has created beautiful products that commemorate these brave companions and that help the community show their support for these amazing animals. The Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) has continued to push for the commemoration of these loyal companions and BrandNet, the owner and operator of the Military Shop, Army Shop, Navy Shop, and Air Force Shop, are proud to donate to AWAMO every year. 

    In 2022, BrandNet was proud to be able to donate $7,000 to AWAMO with proceeds created from our sales in 2021. The popularity of these products has grown every year, with 2021 the best year yet allowing us to increase our contribution to AWAMO.  


    Major Kendall Crocker (left) accepting the donation to AWAMO in February 2022 from BrandNet CEO Stephen Davie.


    Purple Poppy products have been so popular with our community through the years that we have proudly been able to donate $24,184.00 total to AWAMO to date and we hope to do more in the future.

    These popular products are items your community will love and are a great fundraising opportunity for your organisation, particularly in the lead up to commemorative events throughout the year.  


    Well-loved among our community and are increasingly popular for a wide range of commemorative days. 


    These unique products are a great fundraising opportunity for your organisation and offer a fantastic range of items for all age groups in your community. From adorable plushies to jewellery, or more traditional lapel pins, the purple poppy collection offerings a great array of products for you to choose from and tailor to your community. 


    Discover the purple poppy collection today and tap into a fantastic range of fundraising products your community will love. Maximise your fundraising opportunities throughout the year and help your community honour war and service animals all year round. 

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