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    Build Relationships with Your Supporters: How to Say Thank You

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    Posted by Military Voice on Feb 8, 2023 3:56:10 PM

    For those in the know, for not-for-profit organisations and businesses, thanking your supporters, customers, and donors is one of the most important actions you can undertake to strengthen relationships and grow the support for the organisation. 


    Why Say Thanks? 




    For a Not-For-Profit organisation, thanking your supporters and donors helps to build ongoing relationships with your supporter base, helping you grow and retain donors who will come back and support your organisation time and again. By maximising your existing relationships, you’ll be able to maximise your fundraising to further support your organisation. 




    While different to not-for-profit organisations, saying thanks to your supporters is a powerful tool to build strong relationships with those supporters and build up brand loyalty for the future. Building this relationship with your supporters not only improves your business outcomes from one person but from their network as they share with their community the positives of your business. 


    How to Say Thank You? 


    For organisations wanting to extend the relationships with their supporters, there are many ways to say thanks, from small messages to high-quality merchandise, let’s take a look at different ways to say thanks.  


    Messages and Communication 


    Sending a short message, either digitally, or going the extra mile and sending a handwritten note, are a great way to express your thanks to supporters. By taking the time to let them know that your organisation is grateful to them, your supporters will feel valued, helping to strengthen the relationship going forward. 



    Small Tokens of Appreciation 


    A wonderful low-cost option for saying thanks to your supporters is to send or supply a small token of appreciation, from stickers to lapel pins, and everything in between. These small promotional products not only say thanks to your supporters, but they also offer the opportunity to remind supporters of your organisation in their everyday lives when they use or see the items, putting you front of mind and making them more likely to act.  



    A Big Thank You 


    Want to say a huge thank you to some of your biggest supporters? Create high-quality products that your supporters will love using as a memorable thank you that your supporters will want to keep using. High-quality promotional products featuring your organisation’s branding offer a strong connection to your brand while thanking your supporters with a product they will want to use every day.  




    Consider how you can thank your supporters and customers from your organisation. Help build ongoing relationships and strengthen your brand image with a range of ways to say thank you.  


    Want to make a lasting impression? Contact our BrandPro team today to get started on creating a wonderful range of promotional products perfect for saying thanks. From small items, including stickers, waver flags, and more, to beautiful high-quality products, our BrandPro team can help you say thank you. 


    Get in contact today and get started now. 

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