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    Posted by Military Shop on Oct 30, 2015 3:30:56 AM

    Image: Our director, Stephen Davie, holding one of our cuddlier creations.

    We have a long history of working with the military to encourage esprit de corps and commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women over the past century. Starting with our award winning Sands of Gallipoli collection.

    In the first year of our Australia in the Great War commemorative campaign we donated 10% of profits to Soldier On and have helped hundreds of thousands of people connect to Australia’s military history. The final donation came to more than $250,000 for Australia's veterans.

    As a family company based just 10 minutes from Defence Headquarters in Canberra we have worked in and around military commemorations for more than three decades and is leading the charge in helping Australians commemorate the centenary of the Great War.

    The Australia in the Great War is just one
    way we're supporting today's Diggers

    The funds raised for Soldier On will support its work with today’s servicemen and women wounded, physically and mentally, in modern conflicts including Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Stephen Davie says the 2014-2018 Great War campaign has three key objectives:

    To engage; to educate; and then to let people commemorate with an understanding of the times and people we are remembering in the Anzac Centenary.

    “Our company has been fortunate enough to be involved in many events linked to our military history – from Army’s 100th, Air Force’s 75th, Navy’s International Fleet Review, and the recent Operation Slipper welcome home. It has been our honour to help make these and other great milestones accessible to a wide range of serving and non-serving people.

    “We see the centenary of the Great War, and in 2015 the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, as fantastic opportunities to engage even more people in our national story and to make even more people aware of the need to support today’s diggers.

    “Our support for Soldier On is about recognising that today’s service men and women are linked directly to this amazing military heritage. Today’s diggers have carried forward that tradition of service just as each generations of service men and women before them has done.

    ”We work closely with all arms of Defence and know that the work of Soldier On is making a real difference to today’s service personnel and their families.” 

    The Australia in the Great War campaign will mark the milestones from 1914 through to Armistice. But we want it to be about sharing an understanding not just a date. That is why our company “puts a hell of a lot of effort” into researching and building products that tell the factual story.

    “The goal is not to inundate people with only dry facts or history. It is about giving people a real insight. Let’s create an interest in, and an understanding of our history and of those who serve today.”

    Stephen, and the rest of our team, continue in our goal to help the Australian Defence Force affirm their community and service.

    Explore all our beautiful creations on The Military Shop.

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