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    Getting the Base-ics Right. Let's Talk Base Layers

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jun 11, 2024 12:31:28 PM

    As winter is well and truly upon us, layering up and adding warmth throughout the day becomes more important for everyone. Whether you’re out on your next adventure, going through the workday, or out in the field, having the right base layer helps you stay warm and comfortable for as long as you need. Let’s find out how you can layer up right this winter to combat the dropping temperatures.

    Vertx Jacket

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    What to Look for in a Good Base Layer

    Material: Comfort, Warmth, and Moisture

    When selecting your base layer, it’s important to understand what different types of material can give you and what features you need in your base layer. Many base layers and thermals are made with natural fibres including wool. These natural materials can offer superior warmth though can be bulkier than other alternatives. Engineered materials include Polypropylene, often called Polypro, make for ultra-comfortable base layers that are hydrophobic to help wick away skin moisture and are generally thinner and lighter than wool.

    Go for Moisture Wicking

    While base layers can add a thin layer of warmth, your main sources of warmth should come from your mid and outer layers. Your base layer has the important job of acting as a moisture-wicking layer, helping to remove sweat to help keep you warmer without losing heat through your sweat. When choosing your base layer, make sure you opt for material with good moisture-wicking properties to minimise your heat loss. 

    Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight, but Just Right

    When building your outfit in winter, layers maximise your comfort and warmth. Your base layer needs to easily fit under all your outer layers, so we need to be sure this first layer fits correctly. By having a base layer that fits close to the body, you let your base layer do its job while minimising bulk under your other layers. Going for a slim fitting option means you won’t feel too constricted while staying comfortable under your layers all day long.

    Top or Pants or Both?

    While most people are familiar with top base layers, bottom base layers can offer a great option to help you combat the cold this winter, consider thermal bottoms that help remove moisture and have a comfortable waistband for easy layering. 


    Let’s Check Out Some Great Options for Your Base Layers This Year

    360 PolyPro Thermals

    Shop the 360 Degrees PolyPro thermal top and bottom from Military Shop Australia. These thermals have a close fit for maximum warmth and comfort. Made from Polypro, these thermals are warm and lightweight and help to wick moisture from the skin, giving you a base layer that helps keep you comfortable all day long.

    polypro thermals top polypro thermals bottoms

    Shop the 360 PolyPro Thermal Top and Pants in black on Military Shop now


    Vertx Base Layers

    The Vertx Full Guard Performance Long Sleeve Shirts make a great base layer, offering fantastic moisture and heat management. With a semi-compression fit, these shirts give you the mobility you need while providing great coverage to help you stay warm. The raglan style sleeves offer even more comfort for all-day activity. 

    vertx long sleeve black vertx long sleeve green

    Available in Black or Ranger Green to suit your style. Shop the full Vertx range now.


    Having the right base layer means you get to maximise your comfort and warmth all winter long. From the great outdoors to the everyday, building your layers means you won’t feel an unwelcome chill. Get ready for winter and stay warm all season long with our base layer options to help you stay comfortable. Shop the range on the Military Shop today.


    VertxLooking for excellent mid and outer layers to complement your new base layer? Explore the range of tactical gear for fleeces, jackets, and more and layer up!

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