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    Giving families beautiful ways to connect with family service and Anzac traditions.

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    Posted by Military Shop on Sep 1, 2021 8:32:25 PM

    BrandNet has been proud to serve the defence community over the past 30 years, creating stunning items that capture Australia’s proud history of service. Stunning cold-cast bronze figurines, representing a vast range of diggers from past to present, is just one of the ways we help families connect with Anzac traditions and tell the stories of their family service.


    Forming connections



    We help bring family service and Anzac traditions with thoughtfully-made products


    We help our community connect with their own family military history through beautiful cold cast bronze models of diggers from major operations and across the services. These stunning models bring family service and Anzac traditions to the forefront and make a striking display piece alone, or are wonderful combined with replica medals to commemorate and share the family story.


    Modern figurines, telling the story of modern family service

    We are honoured to work with men and women who serve our nation on a daily basis, and it is our privilege to serve them in turn. In 2019, we worked closely with the 2RAR Historical Collection museum to create modern cold bronze cast figurines, expanding our collection and broadening the stories told. By creating modern figurines with accurate uniforms of recent operations we help families connect to the recent service.


    Tell your family's proud military history with our range of figurines


    A stunning range of service men and women


    The range of figurines means finding one that embodies the family service is easy. Select figurines that connect with your family service today. We want to make this connection even more accessible and our Unlock More vouchers can be used across our stores when you shop with us.


    Our vouchers let people connect with their family service and Anzac traditions more easily, opening up more opportunities for families to connect with their family service and military history. Use vouchers when you shop today, and create lasting connections. Go ahead and share the love.

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