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    Posted by Military Shop on Sep 1, 2021 7:16:38 PM

    Our community is unique and wonderful, and we want to help them make a statement with beautiful fashion and lifestyle items. Our Poppy Mpressions collection brings remembrance into the everyday with a stunning range of homewares, apparel, and gifts. This collection lets our community make a statement their way and share the love. 


    Artwork from Naomi Crowther 


    The items in this collection feature the stunning Poppy painting by Australian artist Naomi Crowther, and capture the beautiful colours and textures to create wonderful patterns on every item. The vibrant red of the poppies, combined with light coloured backgrounds creates beautiful lifestyle items that can be seen from across the room. 

      Poppy Painting

    'Rasberry Poppies After Rain' (Oil, Acrylic and Metallic Leaf on Canvas) by Naomi Crowther


    Make your mark

     Poppy Mpressions

    Beautiful and practical. This collection helps our community make a statement through fashion, homeware, lifestyle items, or more traditional commemorative items. Bringing together artwork and remembrance means our community can marry together fashion with meaning, and make their mark wherever they use these items.  


    Making art and remembrance more accessible 

    Poppy Mpressions Voucher

    We want to help our community make a statement and share the love. Use our Unlock More vouchers on the entire Poppy Mpressions collection and bring art and remembrance into the everyday. Use our $20 voucher when you spend $100 and make your mark today.  Go ahead and share the love.

    Share the Love Series


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