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    Hilarious British Officer's Orders Go Viral

    Military Shop
    Posted by Military Shop on Dec 21, 2015 11:38:27 PM

    This Christmas we remember the Gallipoli Evacuation from Anzac Cove; the ANZAC evacuation concluded just before Christmas on 20 December 1915.

    Recently a British officer’s letter to his subordinates went viral after one such subordinate uploaded it with annotations (red pen & yellow highlights below).

    There were many brave British officers who lead both Australians and their own troops bravely in numerous wars. We appreciate British military help in the fight against ISIS and our long history of alliance with the United Kingdom.

    However, the below letter was so close to a Monty Python sketch (their famed British Army precision drilling sketch featured above) and came to our attention just at the wrong time - the centenary of the Anzac evacuations from Gallipoli.

    We couldn't resist sharing it, enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas as we remember our Anzacs 100 years ago.

    British officers letter to subordinates


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