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    Office Etiquette for the New Year!

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    Posted by Military Shop on Oct 21, 2021 11:02:21 AM

    As we head back into the office more and more in the New Year it’s more important than ever to make sure we have great systems in place for keeping the workplace safe and covid free.

    Let’s refresh on safe hygiene practices around the office and the most important ways you can help keep the workplace safe.


    Say hello from a distance.

    Coming back into the office means a lot of great things, seeing co-workers, super easy communication, and no more dodgy WIFI connections. It also means we all need to be conscious of social distancing. Keeping at least 1.5m from one another creates a safer environment for everyone to work in as we move back into the office spaces.


    1. Keeping hands squeaky clean.

    Washing our hands after we go out of the office or remove masks is one of the most important ways to support a COVID-safe environment. Washing your hands for 20 secs with soap and warm water is one of the most important ways you can contribute to creating a safe environment for you and your co-workers.


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    1. The bottle you will find in any business.

    When handwashing isn’t an option, we have all become well acquainted with hand sanitiser. Be ready for this all-important tool to become a part of the office décor and make sure you’re using this whenever you need to stay safe and clean.


    1. Your newest wardrobe staple.

    The face mask has become the staple accessory in most wardrobes throughout these challenging times. Depending on your office or government requirements, face masks are likely to stay for a while longer. Keeping a reusable mask in your bag or desk is a great way to stay safe at the office.


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    3. Keep the video backgrounds for now.

    While the chance to see our co-workers cats and home décor may decrease as we return to the office, the principles of remote communication and video calls are likely to stay around as workplaces return slowly. So while we may say goodbye to Fluffy, we likely won’t say goodbye to the video conferencing world.


    1. Disinfecting surfaces after use

    We all have steps to keep our hands clean, but an office return likely means we’ll all take on small cleaning duties in wiping down surfaces we use and touch often to help reduce the spread in your office. Get ready for a clean-smelling office and clean surfaces when we return.


    So now that we’ve refreshed what we as individuals can do, let’s talk about some of the most important tools we have in the workplace to raise awareness and keep us all safe.


    1. 1. Use bright and clear posters and signage.

    Visual reminders for everyone in the office are a perfect way to solidify information and continually reinforce safe work practices as we return. Using informative and clear posters and signage sets up your workplace for success. Whether these are created by you or are government developed signs, these new decorations in your office will go a long way to helping you stay safe.


    1. 2. Get in contact directly.

    Keeping an open channel of communication within the office is more important than ever, and tools like direct mailouts to in-office staff members are an important tool to deliver information quickly. Keep these clear, concise, and easy to read for the best results.


    1. 3. Create branded products for inside and outside the office.

    While a slightly different approach, things like internal promotional items can also effectively pass along the messages. Creating branded items to use in your office is a great way to spread messages through the office.


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    Why not take it a step further? Creating effective promotional products with your organisation's branding is a great way to spread this awareness to your community. Connecting with your local community through beautifully made items and strong messaging for safe work environments is a great way to connect and build your relationship with your supporters.

    Chat to our team at BrandPro to discuss creating promotional items and share your message with your community today.

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