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    How to Foster Patriotism and Civic Responsibility in Children?

    Buckle up, parents and fellow adventurers! Today, we're on a quest to infuse a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of fun...

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    Support The Defence Contingent In This Year's Mardi Gras

    DEFGLIS will once again be participating at the Sydney Mardi Gras parade this year with Defence members, APS employees...

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    Crossing The Line

    The tradition of nautical 'Crossing the Line' ceremonies dates back to ancient times. Historical records reveal that...

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    Top Essential Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear That You Need Now

    Looking for Australian survival supplies? At the Military Shop, we offer a wide range of tactical gear and survival...

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    Starting Point: Building Your Survival Gear Kit!

    When building your survival gear kit, it can be overwhelming when you're faced with all the different items you can...

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    Stand Out with Promotional Corporate Items That People Actually Want

    Promotional corporate items play a crucial role in the success of businesses. By offering these items to potential...

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    Making a Greener Impact with Sustainably Sourced Promotional Products

    In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for sustainable promotional products. More and...

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    Giving families beautiful ways to connect with family service and Anzac traditions.

    BrandNet has been proud to serve the defence community over the past 30 years, creating stunning items that capture...

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    A Year of Change: How 1972-73 Transformed Australia's Political, Social and Cultural Landscape

    1972-73 in Australia was marked by a series of transformative political, social, and cultural events that would leave a...

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    Ghillie Suits: The Tactical Advantage for Our Heroes

    In military operations, stealth and concealment are often the difference between mission success and failure. One...

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