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    Practical Promotional Products making a world of difference.

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    Posted by Military Shop on Jan 28, 2022 4:47:32 PM

    When it comes to promotional products, there is a wide range of options for every organisation available and choosing the right option for your organisation can be tricky. A great way to help you decide is based on when you want your supporters and customer interacting with your product, whether you want the items to be placed around the home, or if you would like them to be used in everyday situations. 


    While developing promotional products that look beautiful is important for building brand recognition. Providing supporters with promotional products that are also functional means that when these items are reached they often help customers solve problems, improving your organisation's relationship with customers every time they are used.


    Let’s run through some of the great types of practical promotional products your customers will love and the benefits they can have for your organisation and customer relationships.


    1. Types of Practical Promotional Products

    Some of the most common and used promotional products are items that can be used around the home. Products including bottle openers, drink coolers, and even outside of the box items like multi-tools are products reached for by customers that can be easily branded to create practical promotional products. 


    By creating items that are used often, your promotional product works harder for your organisation and builds strong relationships with your customers every time they are used.


    Multi-tools make great promotional products because they are practical.

    1. Benefits

    A great benefit of having practical promotional products is that these products can easily be on hand to problem-solve for your customers, providing an easy win for your organisation when customers resolve problems using your product. A great example is promotional pens or bottle openers. Think of a time you have reached for a bottle opener and then remembered you have one on your keys, or you are on the hunt for a pen and find one at the bottom of your bag that you didn’t realise you had. These small victories combine with the branding on items to help better the reputation of your brand with the customer every time the product is used.


    Larger problem-solving items, such as promotional multi-tool products are another great way to form these lines of trust with your customer. A huge benefit for a multi-tool product is the diversity of areas it is used within a home, and outside of it. The wide range of tools they contain makes them perfect for helping with even more problems for your supporters.


    As multi-tools are more tied to an activity than other promotional products (such as stickers or magnets), they can be a powerful tool for your organisation to build ties with customers.

    2. Bottomline: Customers and supporters want things in their homes that can help them in their everyday lives. Being mindful and creating both beautiful and practical items for your promotional products is the best way to set the tone with your customers and build strong relationships between your organisation and your customers that will last.

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