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    Practically Perfect Products for Your Fundraising Table

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    Posted by Military Voice on Mar 14, 2024 10:38:00 AM

    Offer your supporters items they want to use every day with these great practical poppy products. Help your supporters carry remembrance with them and stock your fundraising table with items your supporters will want to use all year round. Discover these great practical products now. 


                      Remembrance Day Cap  Remembrance Day Hair Clip


    Poppies To Wear Everyday

    Provide your supporters great options to bring touches of remembrance to their everyday with casual options to compliment any outfit. From hair scrunchies, socks and scarves to great caps, there is a perfect way for your supporters to add wonderful touches of remembrance to their outfits. Explore the Military Shop's range of socks, scarves and hats, and make sure your supporters have something they love to wear.


    Poppy Trolley tokens-1

    Gorgeous shopping trolley tokens

    A perfect 5-star item for your supporters to add to their wallet or set of keys. Available in the traditional red or offer your supporters the opportunity to show their respect for the sacrifices of the animals in war with our Purple Poppy Token. Stock trolley tokens your supporters want to use! Discover the Poppy Trolley Token and Purple Poppy Token today. 


    Trendy Travel Mugs

    A must have for takeaway coffee adventures and providing your supporters with great environmentally friendly options. Being available in three great designs mean there is a travel mug for every supporter. With our Poppy Mpressions, Where The Poppies Grow and Remember Their Service reusable mugs all featuring beautiful designs, let your supporters choose their perfect mug. Order these travel mugs today.  


    Poppy Mpressions Umbrellas



    Poppies For Any Weather

    These stunning umbrellas offer a fantastic way for your supporters to bring remembrance into their daily lives. Great sun and rain protection and featuring beautiful displays of vibrant poppies, these umbrellas offer your supporters remembrance items that can be used year round. With three offerings including Poppy Recollection, Poppy Mpressions, and Remember Their Service Umbrellas, your supporters will be spoilt for choice.


    Poppy Shopping Bag-1



    The Perfect Bags for Shopping Trips

    The foldable Poppy Mpressions bags featuring the vibrant poppies from Australian artists Naomi Crowther and Adriana Seserko are perfect compact bags that fold down, great for throwing into the back of the car, handbag, or for quick trips to the shops. Meanwhile, the Poppy Recollections bag provides supporters a great sturdy option and features beautiful small poppies on the front. Let your supporters choose from these great bags and carry remembrance with them.



    Poppies to Kit Out Rides

    These easy to install Car Mirror Covers are a great way for your community to show their support, rally behind our veterans, or just get involved. Made from stretch polyesters and digitally printed, these great covers come in 6 different prints, letting your supporters pick what suits them best and make a statement wherever they drive. Explore the six and add these great sets to your fundraising table.



    A Fundraising Must-Have: Fabric Poppies

    Designed to be worn with pride, these fabric poppies are one of your most important tools for your fundraising campaign. These vibrant poppies are ideal for drawing in smaller donations and are a small item that make a big change to your fundraising goals. These poppies are incredibly popular so order now to secure yours. 


    With beautiful items featuring traditional poppies and modern artwork there’s something for everyone to bring together fundraising and practicality. Explore the range and order these popular items before it’s too late. Browse these Anzac Day gifts for more great products that show support every day in a practical way.


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