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    Seasons Change and Your Promotional Products Should Too

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    Posted by Military Voice on May 24, 2022 1:32:04 PM

    With winter well and truly on its way, and frosty mornings and bitter evenings right around the corner, a new opportunity to connect with your community arrives too.

    Offering winter promotional products to your supporters and community is a great way to connect and promote your brand within the community all winter long. Choosing products designed for cooler weather and winter activities means you can help your supporters with what they want to get up to this winter and offers a wonderful way to promote your brand even into the warmer months.

    By choosing promotional products that are season relevant and high-quality, you’ll create a great connection with your organisation every time a supporter uses the item.

    Let’s run through some great options for creating promotional products you and your community will love all winter long.

    1. 1. Cosy Promotional Beanies

    Perfect for grabbing on your way out the door, this low-cost option for your organisation is a great way to get your brand noticed. A great promotional item for both keeping your supporters warm and displaying your branding, beanies offer you a wonderful promotional product your customers will reach for all winter long.

    1. 2. A Stylish Travel Mug

    You can’t go wrong with a warm beverage when it’s cold out. Promotional items in kitchens are always a great option to get high customer interactions and use, solidifying your brand with the customer. By choosing a stylish travel mug you ensure that not only will supporters love using your product, but your brand will also look great!

    1. 3. A Winter Tool to Make Mornings Easy

    When we don’t want to get out of our nice warm beds, having the right tools for winter makes life easier. A great purpose created compact ice scraper offers an easy way to clear off a car in the morning when it’s cold out. Create a tool that your supporters will reach for all winter long.

    1. 4. Warmth and Comfort, All Wrapped Up

    Whether it’s spending time indoors or exploring the outdoors a wonderful item to have on hand all winter is a lovely and warm blanket. By going for a high-quality option you can create a sensational customised blanket that works for keeping on the couch or in the back of the car for any adventure. Create something your supporters will want to keep using for years to come.

    Brandpro Month of June Offers

    Promotional products offer a great way to connect with supporters. By choosing items that can be used for winter, are high-quality, and topical you’ll create a great range of promotional products that your supporters can use and positively connect with your brand.

    Offer your supporters incredible items they’ll want to use all winter and help them get ready for the cooler months ahead. Check out our great offers this month on all things winter!

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