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    Stay focused and productive when it’s warm out

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    Posted by Military Shop on Jan 3, 2022 10:38:00 AM

    The holiday season has drawn to a close, and the time to head back to work is upon us. Help make life a little easier for your supporters this summer with great tools to help them stay productive when the sun is shining!

    1. 1. A hat to have on hand.

    As many people head back to work after a short break, it’s important to stay safe as the weather stays warm. Making sure to stay protected from the sun is important for those who work outside as the hot Australian sun continues to beat down. Creating beautiful branded items that protect from the sun is a wonderful way to connect with your supporters and community as they head back to work.

    Discover the fantastic Flash Hi-Vis Caps on offer with BrandPro this month to create branded caps your supporters will love to wear and beat the heat.


    Great for the workplace these Hi-Vis orange or yellow caps are one-size-fits-most.

    1. 2. The summer must.

    Getting too hot isn’t the only worry as we head back to our workplaces. Making sure we’re protected when we head outside, whether that’s during the day, on our lunch breaks, or as we head home, helps us have a great and safe day out at work. Sunscreen is an important protective tool during summer and the first few months of the year are some of the hottest times.

    Connect with your supporters and help them fight the burn with our fantastic offer on branded SPF 50+ sunscreen this month.


    Brandable premium sunscreen up to four hours water-resistant. Read: Stay protected this summer

    1. 3. Staying focused never looked so squishy.

    The challenges of concentrating on those hot days at the early stages of the year are something all too familiar in summer. Stress relievers make a great tool to try and alleviate some of the need to fidget and move when it's hot out. Rather than clicking pens, tapping toes, or ripping paper, all of which your co-workers may not thank you for, foam stress relievers are a fantastic way to help increase your concentration without disturbing those around you.

    Bring a great tool into your supporters lives with a great branded hard hat or house-shaped stress relievers on offer this month.


    Brand great stress relievers that suit your industry!


    With BrandPro this month, create great tools to help your supporters as they go back to work after the silly season. Beautiful branded items are a great way to build relationships and create positive associations with your organisation. Make the start of the year a smash with these sensational items.

    Contact the BrandPro team today to get started on your branding journey.

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