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    Tactical Bag Hacks - Maximise Storage Space

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jun 7, 2024 9:17:12 AM

    For Australian military personnel, an efficiently packed tactical bag can make a significant difference in mission success and personal comfort. Navigating diverse terrains, from arid outback regions to dense urban environments, requires strategic organisation of your gear. This guide offers insights and practical hacks to help you maximise storage space in your tactical bags, ensuring you're well-prepared for any mission. 


    1. 1. Assess and Prioritise Your Needs
    • Mission-Specific Packing: Tailor your packing list based on mission duration, terrain, and specific operational requirements. overpacking by prioritising indispensable equipment for your Tactical Kit bag. 
    • Example: For a desert mission, prioritise hydration systems, sun protection, and lightweight clothing. For urban settings, emphasise communication tools and compact, multi-functional gear. 


    A close-up of a hand with a camouflage wrist band
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     Tactical Exploration Dump & SORD Garmin Foretrex 801/901 Wrist Pouch from The Military Shop, Australia 


    1. 2. Utilise Modular Pouches and Inserts
    • Modular Organisation: Use modular pouches attached to MOLLE webbing to customise your bag’s layout. This allows for easy access and efficient use of space. 
    • Product Highlight: Military Shop’s range of modular pouches are designed for durability and versatility, ensuring your gear is always organised and accessible. 

     Sea to Summit Stuff & Compression Sacks | Lifetime Guarantee

    Sea to Summit Compression Bags from The Military Shop, Australia 


    1. 3. Implement Compression Techniques
    • Compression Bags: Use compression bags for clothing and bulky items to reduce their volume and protect them from the elements. 
    • Space-Saving Tips: Roll clothing tightly and use compression straps to maximise space. 


    How To Roll Clothes For Packing: A Simple Yet Life-Changing Method

    Ranger Roll is a great packing trick 

    2. 4. Master Tactical Folding and Packing
    • Folding Techniques: Utilise tactical folding methods like the Ranger Roll for clothing and the Map Fold for documents to minimise space usage. 
    • Layering Strategy: Pack in layers, with heavier items at the bottom and frequently accessed items on top. 
    2. 5. Optimise Accessibility and Efficiency
    • Quick Access Zones: Designate zones in your bag for specific categories like first aid, navigation, and food. Use color-coded pouches for easy identification. 
    • Front and Side Pockets: Store frequently used items in front or side pockets for quick access. 
    • Product Highlight: Military Shop’s tactical backpacks feature strategically placed pockets and compartments designed for rapid accessibility. 

     Leatherman arc-

    Explore the range of Leatherman Multi-Tools here


    1. 6. Consolidate and Streamline Your Gear:
    • Multi-Functional Tools: Opt for tools that serve multiple purposes to reduce the number of items you need to carry. 
    • Eliminate Redundancy: Regularly review your gear to remove unnecessary duplicates and non-essential items. 
    • Product Highlight: Military Shop’s multi-tool range combines several essential functions into one compact device, perfect for saving space and weight. 


    1. 7. Maintain and Review Your Pack Regularly:
    • Routine Checks: Conduct regular inspections of your bag to ensure all gear is in good condition and organised. 
    • Feedback Loop: Adjust your packing strategy based on feedback from each mission to continuously improve efficiency. 


    Vertx-Contingency-Duffel-45L-1Vertx Contingency Duffel Bag is one of Vertx best-selling bags

    2. 8. Balance Weight Distribution:
    • Weight Distribution: Pack heavier items close to your back and at the bottom of the bag to maintain balance and reduce strain. 
    • Ergonomic Design: Choose bags designed to distribute weight evenly across your body. Tactical duffle bags are a great choice. 
    • Product Highlight: Military Shop’s ergonomic tactical backpacks are engineered to balance weight distribution, minimising fatigue, and enhancing comfort during long missions. 


    Maximising storage space in your military bag is essential for operational readiness and comfort. We hope with these tactical hacks, you can ensure your gear is organised, accessible, and efficiently packed. From modular pouches and compression bags to multi-functional tools and strategic packing techniques, these insights will help you stay prepared for any mission. Explore Military Shop’s premium range of tactical bags designed to optimise your packing strategy and enhance your mission readiness in Australia. 



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