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    Aussie Military Flashback: May

    May has been a month marked by significant military engagements and impactful events for Australia. From the early 20th...

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    Aussie Military Flashback: April

    As April unfolds each year, Australians pause to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of those who have served and...

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    ANZAC Spirit in Action: Bull Allen's Solo Rescue of 12 Wounded American Soldiers at Mount Tambu

    In the history of ANZAC, tales of bravery, the spirit of mateship and sacrifice defines the Australian and New Zealand...

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    The Anzac Spirit Values in Today's World

    Amid modern chaos, where technology races ahead and societal values seem to shift like the sands, there are timeless...

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    The Lovett Family: Honouring the Indigenous Australians who Contributed to Australia's Military History

    The contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Australia's military history spans over a century,...

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    Decoding Anzac Day - Exploring Its Meaning and Importance

    Picture a chilly morning, the air crisp with anticipation. Families gather, clutching red poppies, as the first light...

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    Act Early to Prepare Your Medals for Anzac Day

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    Giving families beautiful ways to connect with family service and Anzac traditions.

    BrandNet has been proud to serve the defence community over the past 30 years, creating stunning items that capture...

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    Stand Up, Be Seen This Anzac Day

    Whether you’re a veteran, a veteran’s family member or descendant, or simply share pride in their service, Anzac Day is...

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    Honouring Our Diggers and Preserving Their Legacy.

    The Sands of Gallipoli collection is a unique and inspiring collection created to provide an enduring connection to the...

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