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    Chivalry Above the Clouds.

    Military Pilots were first called ‘Knights of the Air by LT Bennett A. Molter in his 1918 treatise on aviation. As...

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    Australia under attack

    The Battle for Australia has been commemorated since 2008. Today, it will be eighty years to the day Prime Minister...

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    Navy appealing for help in identifying HMAS Sydney unknown sailor

    HMAS Sydney was lost on 19 November 1941 during a mutually destructive engagement with the German commerce raider, ...

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    Refurbished Hellfire Pass Museum Opens

    The refurbished Hellfire Pass Interpretative Centre, originally built and funded by the Australian Government in...

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    Lions to guard memory of Australians in Ypres

    They are a familiar sight for those who have visited the Australian War Memorial in Canberra - two stone lions guarding...

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    75th anniversary of the completion of the Thai-Burma Railway

    After occupying Thailand with little resistance, the Japanese had launched an invasion of Burma in January 1942. The...

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    AIF Deserter wins VC at Le Verguier

    Among the distinguished recipients of the Victoria Cross, Maurice Buckley’s award could be described as somewhat...

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    Centenary of the Battle of Hamel

    Le Hamel sketch by Drew Harrison for the Great War Diary 1919

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    Nasho recalls Battle of Long Tan

    Delta Company forward scout Private Allen May is most likely the man who fired the first shot in what was to become one...

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