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    Revolutionising Naval Maintenance with 3D Printers

    Innovative collaboration between a 3D printer and a skilled technician has proven invaluable for HMAS Warramunga,...

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    Innovation in Defence - The 'Navigate' team was presented with a prestigious Award

    In Defence’s quest to enhance expertise in vital science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) domains, the...

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    Bravery Recognised - Chief Petty Officer Gavin Stevens Received a Medal of Gallantry

    On Anzac Day 2024, Chief Petty Officer Gavin Stevens graced the march, proudly adorned with his Medal for Gallantry,...

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    Crossing The Line

    The tradition of nautical 'Crossing the Line' ceremonies dates back to ancient times. Historical records reveal that...

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    Indo Pacific Sea Power Conference Highlights

    The 2023 Indo Pacific Sea Power Conference and Exhibition was held at the International Convention Centre, Darling...

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    Australia's Longest Running Blood Donation Drive

    What was a seed of an idea back in 2009 between Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and the Australian Defence Force is now...

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    HMAS Harman's 80th Anniversary: A Rich History and a Celebratory Freedom of Entry in Queanbeyan

    Have you ever attended a celebration that carries the weight of tradition, community spirit, and military pride? This...

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    Honouring The Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam Unit

    On 14 July 1967, the Australian Government announced the formation of the RANHFV to support allied forces in Vietnam,...

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    AUKUS: A Game-Changer For Australia's Naval Capabilities

    The United States, United Kingdom and Australia signed the AUKUS agreement on 15 September 2021 to share nuclear...

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    International Fleet Review 2022

    On November 6, Australian vessels joined nearly 40 other ships and submarines in a ceremonial formation near Tokyo. The...

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