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    Honouring those who served. Vietnam Veterans’ Day 2021.

    On the 18th of August every year Vietnam Veterans’ Day is commemorated. Remembering the service of some 60,000...

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    A Hell of a Way to Get Your Name on a Bridge

    In the town where I once lived they built a bridge. They named that bridge the Private Ziggy Trzecinski Bridge. Private...

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    Join us in honouring those who served in the Vietnam War

    TOMORROW is Vietnam Veterans’ Day and the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, a day when Australians are encouraged...

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    Nasho recalls Battle of Long Tan

    Delta Company forward scout Private Allen May is most likely the man who fired the first shot in what was to become one...

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    Welcome Home 30 Years On

    This year is a major milestone for Vietnam veterans. It marks 30 years since the “welcome home” march through Sydney in...

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    Revamped Anzac Portal to publish interviews of Vietnam Veterans and family

    Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Mr Dan Tehan yesterday encouraged Australians to visit The Anzac Portal website after a...

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    Op Bribie Remembered by B Coy OC

    Image: Maj. Ian Mackay (left), B Coy 6RAR Vietnam

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    Their story lives in those who share.

    Sharing the story of service in Vietnam within the families of our Vietnam Veterans has been made easier with the...

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