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The ultimate branded items. Put together perfect office kits

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Posted by Military Shop on Aug 23, 2021 1:40:00 PM

Stationery is some of the most frequently used items in our daily lives. From workplaces to homes, having office items around is incredibly common. Creating specifically branded high-use items is a fantastic way to make your brand visible in a range of spaces.


Want to connect with a wide range of people? Try creating office packs from everyday items, and create beautiful branded items to make an impact. Build beautiful packs in 3 simple steps.


1. Make it vibrant

By choosing items that are colourful and high-quality you create items people want to use. With notebooks being a staple stationary item, creating high-quality notebooks featuring your brand means bringing together practicality and style. The foundation for any office kit, the importance of a neat and medium size notebook cannot be underestimated.


  1. 2. Make it helpful

Reusable drink bottles have become an important part of most office routines with people’s health and environmental factors driving the continuing move to reusable water bottles over any single use plastics. Create stunning bottles and help people stay on top of their hydration while helping the environment with branded water bottles. Aluminium bottles are a great choice for office kits!


3. Make it safer

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the need for individual items. Things as simple as coffee mugs in the tea room have become areas of concern for some people. Create great branded coffee mugs perfect for letting people bring their own mugs into office kitchens. These mugs are great additions to office kits, or make fantastic gifts. Add branded coffee mugs to your promotions, contact us for a quote.



Quick tip: Building office packs is a great opportunity to create your own set of branded products. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed workplaces and recruitment, and welcoming new team members who start virtually can be challenging, so why not make it easier with a great branded gift pack sent to their door? Make them feel a part of the team from day one.


Start on your branding journey today. Contact us to get started and create amazing branded items for the home or office. With great prices and a wealth of experience we have the tools to help your organisation. Get in contact with our BrandPro team now and discover more.


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