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    The Ultimate Cold Weather Clothing Guide for Australian Military Professionals

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jun 18, 2024 12:45:00 PM

    Winter in Australia can pose unique challenges for military professionals stationed across the country. Whether you're navigating the alpine regions of Victoria or braving the brisk conditions of Tasmania, having the right gear is paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we'll showcase the essential cold weather clothing items to keep you warm, dry, and mission-ready. From high-performance base layers to durable outerwear, we've curated a selection to meet your needs. 

    Comfortable and Moisture-Wicking Under Shirt Tees 

    When facing the cold, comfort starts with the base layer for Defence pros including army clothing in Australia. Choose under shirt tees that offer both comfort and moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and warm throughout the day. Look for materials like merino wool or synthetic blends that effectively wick away sweat, ensuring comfort during intense activities.  


    Top Pick: Under Armour Men’s Tactical Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

    A person wearing a black shirt
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    Material: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester 

    Features: Quick-dry technology & moisture-wicking ultra-soft fabric 

    Benefits: Keeps you dry and fresh even during intense physical activity 


    Abrasion-Resistant Gloves 

    Protecting your hands from harsh elements is essential, especially during tactical operations. Invest in abrasion-resistant gloves designed to withstand rugged conditions while providing dexterity and grip. Look for features like reinforced palms, adjustable wrist closures, and touchscreen compatibility for added versatility in the field. These considerations are crucial when selecting army clothing in Australia to optimise performance and protection during missions. 


    Top Pick: Mechanix M-Pact Gloves

    A close-up of a glove
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    Material: Thermoplastic Rubber 

    Features: Breathable material, touchscreen compatible synthetic leather 

    Benefits: Durable protection with enhanced grip and flexibility 


    Flannel Shirts 

    A must-have in extreme cold weather clothing collections, flannel shirts are essential for both warmth and durability during outdoor activities. Prioritise premium flannel shirts that offer insulation without compromising on mobility. Whether worn alone or as part of a layered system, these shirts bring comfort and style to your winter attire, ensuring you're prepared for the harshest of conditions. 


    Top Pick: Vertx Last Line Flannel Shirt 

    Vertex Last Line Flannel

    Material: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton 

    Features: Drop-back hem maintains belt and back coverage when bending and during strenuous activities 

    Benefits: Comfortable and durable, perfect for both fieldwork and downtime 



    Your selection of footwear plays a crucial role in determining performance and comfort, especially in extreme cold weather conditions. Prioritise military-grade boots engineered to withstand harsh elements with waterproofing, insulation, and exceptional traction across diverse terrains. Evaluate features such as reinforced toe caps, ankle support, and breathable linings to ensure enduring comfort and protection. These considerations are essential when choosing extreme cold weather clothing to optimise your readiness and resilience in challenging environments. 


    Top Pick: Salomon XA Forces Mid GTX 

    Salomon XA

    Material: Waterproof leather, 3D Advanced Chassis  

    Features: Slip-resistant sole, Puncture resistant, and antistatic 

    Benefits: Optimal warmth and protection in all terrains 



    Headover Micro Fleece 

    Maintaining warmth in your head and neck is crucial for conserving body heat during extreme weather conditions. A headover micro fleece proves to be a versatile addition to your gear, providing insulation and shielding against wind and moisture. Utilise it as a beanie, neck gaiter, or face mask for adaptable coverage tailored to your needs. Incorporating this headwear into your extreme weather gear ensures comprehensive protection and comfort in challenging environments. 


    Top Pick: Contact Gear Australia-Headover Microfleece 

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    Material:  Nylon 

    Features: Multifunctional design, moisture-wicking 

    Benefits: Lightweight and versatile, essential for harsh weather 


    Waterproof Socks 

    In extreme weather conditions, the risk of discomfort and frostbite from cold, wet feet is high. Prioritise investing in waterproof socks to safeguard against these risks, ensuring your feet remain dry and warm even in the harshest environments. Seek out socks crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking materials with seamless construction to maximise comfort and performance during extended wear. When selecting extreme weather gear, these considerations are vital to enhance your protection and comfort in challenging conditions.


    Top Pick:  Sealskinz Waterproof Socks (available in mid length and knee length) 


    Material: Premium Merino Blend 

    Features: Breathable membrane, anti-bacterial and dense footbed 

    Benefits: Keeps feet dry and comfortable, even in the wettest conditions 


    Dry Bags 

    Securing your equipment against water damage is paramount, particularly in wet and unpredictable winter settings. Prioritise acquiring resilient dry bags to safeguard your essentials, ensuring they remain secure and dry during transit or storage. Seek out military-grade dry bags featuring waterproof, airtight seals, roll-top closures, and robust materials capable of enduring rough handling and harsh environments. When considering military-grade clothing, these durable storage solutions are indispensable for preserving gear integrity in challenging conditions. 


    Top Pick: Sea to Summit Dry Bag 

     A grey bag with a logo on it
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    Material: 70D nylon 

    Features: light weight, Roll-top closure, and double-stitched, tape-sealed seams 

    Benefits: Durable and waterproof, available in various sizes for different needs 



    In the face of Australia's harsh winter, a dependable jacket stands as your initial barrier against the elements. More than mere warmth providers, jackets serve as formidable shields against biting winds and icy rain. Equipped with pockets for essentials and tech-friendly features, these garments are indispensable for maintaining agility and readiness, ensuring utmost protection in extreme conditions. When it comes to military-grade clothing, investing in such jackets is paramount for optimal performance and resilience. 


    Top Pick: Vertx-Integrity Shell Jacket 

     A green jacket with a hood
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    Material: Waterproof/breathable tri-laminate 100% ripstop Polyester shell 

    Features: Waterproof, windproof, and breathable, helmet-compatible hood, and Zip-through storm collar 

    Benefits: Built for extreme conditions, durable and lightweight, offers maximum protection  


    Equipped with cold weather clothing designed specifically for Australian conditions, confronting the winter challenges as an Australian military professional becomes not only more bearable but also more efficient. From moisture-wicking base layers to waterproof accessories, each gear component serves a crucial function in elevating your performance and resilience in chilly environments. By emphasising quality, functionality, and durability in your gear selection, you can maintain unwavering focus on mission objectives while ensuring warmth and protection against the elements.  



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    If you're on the hunt for high-quality gear for your next mission or an army surplus winter gear, look no further than the Military Shop, your one-stop destination for top-quality tactical gear and equipment. Apart from browsing online or you can visit Military Shop’s showroom at 65 Kembla Street Fyshwick ACT, Australia. From rugged jackets and boots to high-tech gadgets and accessories, find everything you need to enhance your performance and readiness in the field. 

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