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    Tools to Expand Your Fundraising Efforts

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    Posted by Military Voice on Nov 30, 2023 11:52:11 AM

    The thoughtfully put-together Veterans Support Merchandise and Display Stand, and Poppy Recollections Merchandise and Stand are easy and convenient ways to get your local retailers involved in your fundraising efforts. 

    How to start the conversation? Here are some great points that can help you connect with your local retailers about getting involved. 

    Bookshop-with-Retail-Stand (1)

    Read on Practical Pointers That Make Positive Impacts on Fundraising.


    1. Designed for engagement, easy to set-up. The retailers' support will create significant good will in the community and will help their customers engage with our Anzac traditions this Remembrance Day. With a clean and compact design, this box is easily popped onto the counter for quick display.

    2. Perfectly packaged products that make impactful connections. When proceeds go to a great cause, having great items to show is a perfect place to start. Our retail packs are filled with a variety of products from elegant pins to everyday pens, these retail boxes make fundraising a little easier.

    3. Zero risk and outlay. Simply drop off the box, pop back one month later and collect the cash and any unsold product.


    These Retail & Merchandise Stands can easily be displayed in your local retail outlets, making them the perfect tools for your local business community to rally behind you.


    Take advantage of this opportunity to get your local business community involved.  Order your units today.


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