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    What to Consider for Wet Weather Wear

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jul 11, 2024 10:15:00 AM

    Looking for the best rainwear and waterproof gear? We've got you. Just like other aspects of life, what's best for one person might not be best for another. We've outlined our most important questions to help you get the wet weather gear to help you stay dry on your adventures or when you're out field.

    When you're on the hunt for gear, there are a few things to consider:

    • What kind of activity will you be doing? Will it be low, moderate or high intensity?

    What you're planning to get up to when it's wet outside makes a big difference to the gear you use, from something lightweight for an extra layer, or a thicker layer to protect you for longer it's important to weigh up your options.




    • What are the conditions you'll wear it in now and in the future? Think temperature, weather and environment!

    Look ahead to the future, where do you want to get to use your gear? These items will last so taking into account any future plans or potential adventures will help you decide.


    • How mobile do you need to be? Can you be restricted or do you need a full range of motion?

    Depending on the activities you have planned or mobility considerations are always important. Think about whether you need a wide range of motion or if you can be a little more limited but potentially be better protected.

    Check out our range of waterproof socks like Sealskinz and Bridgedale Storm

    • Are you looking for waterproof or water resistance? 

    Wanting something that will more fully repel water, or is this a light layer. Knowing what you'll be happy with will help you make decisions on gear. 

    Waterproof-BootsThe Military Shop stocks a wide range of tactical and waterproof boots.

    • How often will you be wearing it? Most days or weeks, or only a few times a year?

    It's important to judge the durability of the gear you're looking to get. If you're expecting to wear your gear every day getting something with great durability will help your gear stay in great condition for years to come.


    The type of material you go for in your poncho can determine its longevity. 

    Find the wet weather wear perfectly suited for you. Explore our water-repellant and waterproof boots, apparel, hutchies and bivvy bags today, available in a range of patterns and colours, including green, navy, black and Multicam. Find everything you need in-store or online now at the Military Shop. 

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