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    Where The Poppies Grow

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    Posted by Military Voice on Oct 25, 2023 10:22:00 AM

    Adriana Seserko is an Australian creative based in the Nations Capital. She has a keen eye for detail, a love of color, and a willingness to experiment with different styles and techniques, resulting in unique and aesthetically pleasing works of art. Adriana's pieces are often inspired by the natural world, with painted visions of magnificent animals juxtaposed with floral resplendence. Her work is realistic and frequently surreal.


    Adriana aims to raise awareness of environmental and social issues through her art. She believes that art is an excellent medium for expressing new and old ideas alike, and that it has the potential to spark conversation and prompt action on these important issues. Art provides Adriana with a platform to share her vision with the world.


    Through brushstroke, paint, and canvas, and the occasional poetry, she hopes empower those who may not have a voice of their own. In her written piece, "Where The Poppies Grow," Adriana drew the inspiration to create a sensational piece of artwork.


    Where The Poppies Grow Print

    "Where The Poppies Grow" artwork is available in limited edition prints


    Where The Poppies Grow

    By Adriana Seserko, 2022


    There is a tale often told,
    of a place where the poppies do grow;
    where boys and men fought courageously to defend, country and home.
    Here the fields blaze and glow,
    underneath the suns ever watchful eye,
    and what a sight it is to behold,
    a scarlet sea of poppies that ripple and sway, like ocean waves in the gentle breeze.
    Peaceful is the place where the poppies grow,
    though once it was not so.
    Long ago, soldiers cried, rallied, as their fallen brothers moaned.
    The veiled silence palpable, a grim testimony of the dead,
    A dirge whispered on the breath and sigh of the wind,
    yet scarcely caught to the deafening roar of warfare.
    You may hardly believe it so now, with the birdsong chirped so sweet,
    yet how awful was the bellow of gunfire, the explosions that boomed
    like thunder and lightning on a stormy summer eve.
    It may be difficult to imagine the horror, for those who have only known peace,
    to live daily in uncertainty and in fear of ones life,
    to be bruised body and soul by atrocities witnessed and experienced.
    Yet Spirit was not abandoned, when it could have easily been crushed,
    determination and great bravery prevailed in men,
    peace and freedom their lasting gift to all of us.
    Too many lives were sacrificed, lost to the place where the poppies grow,
    fathers and sons, brothers and uncles, lovers and dear friends,
    their crimson life blood staining the battle ravaged earth in shades of red.
    Destruction, loss, and despair time nursed, as only time could do, till all suffering waned,
    and peace again governed in a world remade anew.
    At this place an army still stands, though only the perceptive can truly see it,
    for not a regiment of men can be found there but only a legion of proud poppies.
    Forevermore the poppies keep vigil, igniting the flames of remembrance,
    and guard the place where now they grow in point of the lost and fallen.
    Together, we will remember them, now and evermore.


    Remembrance Day Where The Poppies Grow-1

    "Where The Poppies Grow" Collection

    Recent work:

    Poppy Mpressions Brothers In Arms


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