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    Honouring Our Unsung Heroes

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    Posted by Military Voice on Feb 8, 2024 2:19:50 PM

    In a world where heroes come in all shapes and sizes, it's essential to remember and honour those who served not only on two legs but also on four. The Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) stands as a beacon of remembrance for the invaluable contributions made by war animals throughout history. And thanks to the generosity and support of our dedicated customers, The Military Shop is proud to announce a cumulative donation of $46,635 to AWAMO.


    The Purple PoppyLearn more about the Purple Poppy and AWAMO on


    The mission of AWAMO is simple yet profound: to recognise and honour the service and sacrifice of war animals. These animals, often overlooked in the annals of history, played crucial roles in supporting our armed forces. From carrying messages and supplies to providing companionship and comfort to soldiers, war animals served with unwavering loyalty and courage on the battlefield. 


    With purchases of the beautiful purple poppy collections , AWAMO will continue its vital work in several impactful ways:

    1. Memorial Projects: AWAMO is committed to establishing and maintaining memorials across Australia dedicated to war animals. These memorials serve as solemn reminders of the bravery and sacrifice displayed by these extraordinary creatures.

    2. Education and Outreach: Through educational programs and outreach efforts, AWAMO aims to raise awareness about the roles played by war animals in military conflicts. By sharing their stories and experiences, AWAMO ensures that the legacy of these unsung heroes lives on.

    3. Research and Preservation: AWAMO conducts research initiatives to uncover and preserve the historical records of war animals. By documenting their contributions, AWAMO ensures that their sacrifices are accurately recorded and remembered for generations to come.


    20231003004525_IMG_0884Nigel Allsopp, AWAMO President in Kyiv square as part of the AWAMO's Australian Animal Aid.  The Military Shop has provided valuable support for this appeal. Read related stories here.  


    "We are immensely grateful to our customers who have supported this worthy cause by purchasing items from our Purple Poppy Collection," says Stephen Davie, managing director of BrandNet, owner and operator of the Military Shop. The BrandNet group is one of Australia's biggest private donors to military and service-linked charities.



    A simple way to help AWAMO in its work is to gift any of the purple poppy products. Read more here.


    "Each item in the collection, from clothing and headwear to badges, jewellery, and soft toys, bears the symbolic purple poppy—a poignant tribute to the memory of war animals. Among our latest additions is Blinky the Purple Poppy Koala Bear, a cuddly companion designed to commemorate the bravery of these silent heroes."


     Blinky, the Purple Poppy Koala is one of the koalas


    The Purple Poppy Collection are available to browse in-store and online on Discover a beautiful range of gifts and collectibles. Every purchase from this collection directly contributes to AWAMO's mission, ensuring that the sacrifices of war animals are honoured and remembered with the dignity they deserve. 


    Purple-Poppy-Police-Dog-PinTo commemorate the serving Police dogs and Horses Nigel Allsopp (Rtd), Queensland Police Service Dog Handler, also designed the Police Animals Purple Poppy Ribbon Badge. Read more here.


    "As we express our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their unwavering support, we also extend an invitation to all Australians to join us in this noble endeavour. Together, let us stand in solidarity to honour the memory of war animals and ensure that their contributions are never forgotten."  


    Purple Poppy Colelction


    Support the work of AWAMO and shop the Purple Poppy Collection here.


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