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    The Unsung Heroes of Law Enforcement 

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jan 12, 2023 1:03:00 PM

    To commemorate the serving Police dogs and Horses Nigel Allsopp (Rtd), Queensland Police Service Dog Handler, designed the new Police Animals Purple Poppy Ribbon Badge.  

    After consultation with Police Services across Australia, Senior Constable Nigel designed a pin to remember all the serving Police dogs and Horses who serve this Nation every day, unseen by many. 

    A fact that this pin can be worn every day or on special occasions. Occasions such as the 24 February War animal Day also known as Purple Poppy Day, or when a police animal is injured or killed in the line of duty, or anytime you wish to show support for what they do.  

    Purple Poppy


    The pin contains the purple poppy within the design to honour all service animals, the head of a horse and German Shepherd represent all canines and equines in service. 

    Get the Police Animals Purple Poppy Ribbon Badge. 

    Here is a Poem written by Allsopp that goes hand in hand with the pin’s sentiment. 

    Purple Poppy


    A Team To The End

    You're a canine cop, look how proud you stand. 
    You follow and walk, you obey my command. 
    We're a team together, a team to the end, 
    Side by side we are one, my life you'll defend. 

    You're my friend, my comrade, protector and guide. 
    On call day and night, you serve always with pride. 
    In the midst of turmoil you are often found. 
    Man fears your presence, when you stand your ground. 

    I remember the day when a bomb you did find 
    To disarm and protect, was utmost in my mind. 
    You rallied to the fore with no fear in your heart 
    As tracker and police dog, you did your part. 

    We have a bond that no other can share 
    A life without you would be so hard to bear. 
    So when day is over and our shift is done 
    It's home to family to join in some fun. 

    There will come a time when we'll cease to be, 
    When you'll journey homeward on to eternity. 
    But promise me this it's my final plea, 
    When I walk through God's gates, you'11 be waiting for me. 


    Police animals are the unsung heroes of many law enforcement incidents, they defend fellow human police officers in the most dangerous situations, locate missing persons, apprehend offenders, detect illegal substances, and in regard to explosive detection dogs make this Nation a safer place. 


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