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    Involve The Business Community In Your Fundraising

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    Posted by Military Voice on Jan 31, 2024 4:41:26 PM

    The Merchandise & Display Stands are the perfect out-of-the-box solutions to getting your local retailers engaged in fundraising on your behalf. Simply ask for their support, drop off the unit, and then collect the takings and residual stock that can be returned as part of our sale or return guarantee to you. Reaching out to your local business community through these packs will help you generate more revenue without creating any obligations for those that decide to participate. 

    Looking to start a conversation with your local retailers about getting involved? Consider these helpful points to open up a dialogue and establish a connection.


    Read on Practical Pointers That Make Positive Impacts on Fundraising.


    1. Participate with no financial risk. Simply drop off a box, pop back a few weeks later to replenish the stocks and collect the cash. At the end of the period, any unsold product will be collected and can be returned. With no upfront costs or risks, these Merchandise & Display Stands are the perfect opportunity small business owners to get your fundraising products in front of a larger audience.

    2. Impeccably presented merchandise that fosters meaningful relationships. Designed for engagement, these retail packs are filled with a variety of products from elegant pins to everyday pens, that go to supporting veterans. Every retailer's support will create significant good will in the community. 

    3. Compact and easy to set-up. With a clean and smart design, each box is easily popped onto any counter, table or shelf for quick display.


    These Merchandise & Display Stands definitely make it easier for the business community to rally behind you this fundraising season. Take advantage of these tools to get your local business community involved.  Order your units today.

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