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    Top Tips on Enhancing Your Retail Opportunities

    Military Shop
    Posted by Military Shop on Jul 19, 2021 9:30:06 AM

    We have had many requests from fundraisers to help raise awareness and improve their fundraising tables in shopping centres. To this end, we offer you the following practical pointers:

    1. Draw attention. 

    To improve the look and feel of your fund-raising table, we have created the Poppy Mpressions Tablecloth that can dress up any standard trestle table. We have added We Will Remember Them Indoor bow banner as well as We Will Remember Them 1800 x 900 fabric flag with eyelets that offer flexibility in how it can be displayed. Designed for maximum visibility, these are also great items to sell to interested parties.

    Compact Retail Display Stand

    Compact Retail Stand 

    2. Make every counter  count. (Set up is easy!)

    Our Compact Retail Stand is the perfect out-of-the-box solution to getting your local retailers engaged in fundraising on your behalf. Simply ask for their support, drop off the unit, and then collect the takings and residual stock that can be returned as part of our sale or return guarantee to you. This will definitely make it easier for the business community to rally behind you this time.

    Kids Poppy Stickers Box

    Poppy Stickers - Box of 50

    3. Stick it on them kids.

    Bustling shopping centres mean great foot-traffic but it may also mean that shoppers would just move along without stopping at your fund-raising table. An effective sales tactic used by hundreds of fundraisers is to give a sticker to a kid to draw business from parents! This is why we encourage you to use our Poppy Stickers as a sales tool. Be sure to stock up on this wonderful engagement product. 


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