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Helping veterans keep stunning original medals safe.

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Posted by Military Shop on Sep 6, 2021 10:36:20 AM

Medals are highly treasured items for veterans and their families, for both their significance and their value. The Military Shop’s professional medals team creates stunning replicas of original medals, helping veterans preserve the originals for the future.


Keep your original medals safe and secure


Medals Mounted for Mum and Bub - Bec Dyson

Bec Dyson proudly wears her medals our team mounted, with a set of replicas for her bub 


Creating replica medals allows veterans and their families to display these replicas with pride and be safe in the knowledge that their originals will not be damaged or lost. The high monetary value for medals also means that creating replicas can be a great way to display and wear medals while keeping the originals in a safe place, deterring any would be thieves and preventing loss. Replica medals give recipients peace of mind, especially at large events like Remembrance Day or Anzac Day.


Our expert team is ready to help veterans preserve their medals


Medals in Case

We are proud of the duty of care that goes into the work of our medals team


Creating replicas and mounting medals is a labour intensive process that must be done by hand. Our expert team have years of experience crafting replicas of both Australian and British service medals, and are trusted by hundreds of servicemen and women every year. Our team have helped thousands of customers protect and preserve their family’s military heritage by supplying customised groups of high quality replica medals.


Save on securing your medals 



With our Unlock More Value Vouchers available across our entire store, creating replicas of military medals has become more affordable than ever. We want to help more veterans keep their medals safe from wear and tear or loss. Explore our vouchers today and see how we can help keep your original medals safe. Go ahead and share the love.

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