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    Posted by Military Voice on Apr 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM

    For more than 30 years, BrandNet has supported Government and Corporate Australia through inspired designs and beautifully crafted products.

    We have worked with some of Australia’s most trusted and influential brands - our team delivering brand development and enhancement strategies to thousands of clients, including all levels of government, charities, community organisations, national sporting bodies, police and emergency services.

    We are also privileged to bring our nation’s military heritage to thousands of Australians through our work with the Australian Defence Force and veteran organisations.

    In this, our track record speaks for itself and is one of the reasons the Returned and Services League (RSL) chose to work with us to help them better promote their Light Up the Dawn Campaign – a community driven initiative that came about during the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, which restricted many Australians from commemorating ANZAC Day in their usual way.

    While things are a little better this year - with a reduced attendance ANZAC Day service scheduled to be held in Canberra, along with other commemorative events around the country - not all Australians will be able to mark ANZAC Day with marches, gatherings and reunions, and the Light Up the Dawn movement has become ever more popular within the community.

    Working hand-in-hand with the RSL to ignite the spirit of the ANZACS with the Light Up the Dawn Campaign, we offered a range of merchandise to assist Australians in their ANZAC commemorations.


    Intentionally produced from 100% recyclable materials, and to be re-usable, or re-appropriated for other tasks, every item in our Light Up the Dawn range has been carefully selected and manufactured to be durable, high-quality and reusable.

    From the product design of the Light Up the Dawn battery-operated LED candles to the glass tumblers for the tea lights, the production of the large, weather resistant corflute poster, to the ‘fridge magnet, or the protective coating on the wheelie bin poster, each item has been designed to endure, using cyclable materials so they are reusable year after year.

    Even leaving the numbers 2021 off the ANZAC Day title on each item, was a deliberate design consideration by our team, so that our customers could benefit from repeated use.

    To that end, almost all items in each Light Up the Dawn range has multiple uses or applications - such as the banner also being flown as a flag, the invitation having a magnet on the back, so it doubles as a fridge sticker and reminder for the recipient, and the ‘Garden Sign’, ‘Door Sign’ and ‘Letter Box Sign’ coming with cable ties, so they can be placed in other prominent sites in and around people’s homes. From the largest to the smallest - even the ‘Bumper Sticker’ is made from durable, all-weather material so it can be used on outside windows, boats, or garages – has been specifically designed to repeat its role year after year, after year.

    So How Can BrandNet Help Your Brand?

    At BrandNet our goal is to help people celebrate the brands they love, and our approach harnesses the power of passionate brands, to create compelling stories and beautiful products that build incremental value for our customers.

    We cherish any opportunity to help organisations create specially customised products to support their marketing campaigns, corporate branding strategies or fundraising events. We’re proud to build products that last, and nurture resources for the benefit of future generations.

    No matter what restrictions or obstacles we face this year or in the years to come, we know the ANZAC spirit will never die.

    The least we can do is make sure all our products last just as long.

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