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    Clothing you’ll love to wear. Why Polyester should be your go-to.

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    Posted by Military Shop on Nov 23, 2021 2:31:34 PM

    It’s been around since the 1940s, but what makes polyester fabric the newest go-to, and why should you look for it when you’re creating or buying clothing.  

    We’ve broken down why polyester fabric is a great option for your next purchase and what makes it wearable and a perfect blank canvas for creating your own branding items. 

    It’s breathable. 

    Polyester clothing is breathable making for great activewear and outdoor wear. Perfect for keeping cool through activities, add breathable polyester items to your wardrobe. 

    It’s durable.  

    Wrinkle-resistant and made to be put to the test with outdoor activities and busy lifestyles, polyester fabric will withstand lots of washing and wearing. These long-lasting and durable clothing items will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.  

    It won’t shrink. 

    One of the best features of polyester, especially for T-shirts and other items, is that clothing won’t shrink over time and will maintain its shape, keeping your new favourite t-shirt looking perfect for longer.  

    It won’t fade. 

    Unlike other materials, polyester won’t lose its colour over its lifetime. So you can get it dirty and wash without fear that your clothing will come out of the washer a different colour to how it went in.  

    Stay dry and stain free.  

    Polyester fabric has great moisture-wicking capabilities to help you stay dry. The great moisture-wicking also means that it can be stain-resistant as liquids aren't retained in the material.  

    So now you know all the great features of polyester fabric, it’s time to revamp your next clothing purchase for yourself or your organisation. 

    Explore great offers from BrandPro on fantastic breathable polyester polo shirts and more to help your organisation create clothing your community will love. 

    Contact BrandPro today and together we can help you build beautiful products. 

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