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HOT TOPIC: The importance of stock control and what it can do for you.

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Posted by Military Shop on Aug 24, 2021 2:02:19 PM

Stock control is an important practice to have for any organisation that keeps inventory on hand, and means that you and your organisation can be more flexible and quick acting when great opportunities arise. Having great stock maintenance also has other benefits that can help your organisation improve efficiency, relationships, and strengthen your brand image. 


Let’s chat through the three main benefits to stock control and why it should be important to your organisation.  

  2. Increasing your efficiency.

This is one of the greatest benefits to having a good system in place for any items you keep on hand. Knowing what you have on hand means easy tracking of levels and saves you time when opportunities to use your stock arise. Increasing your efficiency makes you adaptable and strong inventory management means planning is easier than ever.  


  1. When things change, so can you.

Be the envy of other organisations when you have great inventory management. With the changing times and uncertain delivery challenges, having a safe amount of stock on hand means you can adapt when delivery times, circumstances, or event plans change. Being ready helps to build a positive reputation and strengthens the relationship you have with your supporters, improving your brand image.  


  1. Take the guesswork out of it.

Stock control doesn’t just mean you become highly adaptable and prepared (though we think those are pretty great reasons), it also means that you know when you need to order more items and you don’t over-order, causing problems for your storage, and tying up funds in inventory you aren’t using. Make sure you only order what you need and stay on top of what you have with great stock control.  


Inventory control

Stock control benefits every aspect of your organisation from your customer relationships to your ability to adapt in changing situations, so it’s time to make sure your stock control works best for you.  


Talk to us at Brandpro and we can discuss stock amounts, minimums, and what we think the best order numbers for your business can be so that you never feel out of touch. We’re a safe pair of hands and we want to see your brand thrive. Contact us now to start your brand journey with us.  


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