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    Medal - Frequently Asked Question

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    Posted by Military Shop on Jul 28, 2020 3:17:34 PM


    Order of Wear - Medals are worn in the position notified by the Governor-General in The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards.


    Am I allowed to wear replica medals? - There are no implications resulting from wearing replicas of award to which a person is entitled. Some people prefer to wear replicas and keep their originals protected from loss or damage.


    Can I wear another person's medals? - Allowance is made for family members of a deceased recipient to wear that person's medals on commemorative occasions such as Anzac Day. When worn by others, the usual protocol recommended is that the medals are worn on the right side to show that the wearer is not the original recipient.


    Wearing Badges - Members of uniformed services wear the insignia in accordance with the dress regulations of their respective Service. When wearing civilian attire, serving and ex-serving personnel generally continue to wear these insignia in the same way as they are worn on Service uniform. Please note the Directorate of Honours and Awards is not responsible for the administration of the Dress Manuals.




    Why didn't I receive a miniature with my medal? - The Imperial system issues the major piece only but permission is given for the production of miniature medals that may be purchased by recipients of those awards. Awards in the Australian system are always issued with a miniature insignia as part of a boxed set.


    When are miniature medals worn? - As a general practice, miniature orders, decorations and medals are worn with evening dress.


    Replacements and Replicas


    Where can I purchase replica medals? - Replicas may be purchased from a range of sources such as coin and medal dealers, medal mounters and a number of online manufacturers of replica medals.


    Medal Mounting and Cleaning


    Refresh your original medals with new ribbons; replace lost clasps, citations or bars; remount them or repair or replace fixing pins. Our team has years of experience working with and for Australian Military and is trusted by hundreds of servicemen and women each year.


    For restoration services and advice contact our medals team on 02 6123 2950.


    How can I clean medals? - See Caring for your medals fact sheet [PDF]

    Our experts are waiting by for your call - 02 6123 2950.

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