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    The results of the ‘State of Your Spirit’ Survey are truly remarkable.

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    Posted by Military Shop on Apr 28, 2021 1:52:20 PM

    A year after the global pandemic took away one of Australia’s most tightly held traditions – the freedom, to gather commemorate, and march on ANZAC Day - the ‘State of Your Spirit’ survey asked three simple questions: 

    1: How did you commemorate ANZAC Day in 2020?  

    2: How will you commemorate ANZAC Day this year?  

    3; How will you commemorate ANZAC Day in the future?  

    The results from the more than 3,000 people who participated in the survey are remarkable – showing the spirit that refuses to be daunted by outside forces, is alive and well in modern day Australians, as well as our veterans.  

    How did You Commemorate ANZAC Day in 2020?

    KEY POINT: The overwhelming preference of all Australians polled was to conduct Light Up the  Dawn  Services at home or attend Dawn Services at local memorials and other places of commemoration, where possible.  

    How Will You Commemorate ANZAC Day this year?

    KEY POINT: More people (+39%) are more actively engaged in this year's ANZAC Day commemoration compared to last year, with more people expected (+57% from 2021) to participate in the coming years. How do you plan to commemorate ANZAC Day in the future?

    KEY POINT: Despite the numbers of people planning to attend a Dawn Service or event increasing with the lifting of restrictions, the results indicate that a considerable group (almost 30%) of the respondents would still choose to Light Up the Dawn.


    The Result of the ‘State of Your Spirit Survey at a glance: 

    • 3004 people participated in the online survey 
    • 68.9% of people surveyed marked 2020 with Light Up the Dawn 
    • 50% of the people surveyed who marked ANZAC Day 2020 with Light Up the Dawn marked 2021 the same way with 42% of those intending to mark ANZAC Day with Light Up the Dawn in the future. 
    • Surveyed people who went to Dawn Services and intend to go in the future grew from 15.1% in 2020 to 81.4% in the future. 
    • Percentage of those who chose not to participate fell from 5% in 2020 to just 1.3% in the future. 
    • Almost 40% more people are engaged in ANZAC Day than before the pandemic. 


    The ANZAC Spirit burns brightly. 


    "Whilst no doubt Dawn Services will get stronger and stronger as we free ourselves from the pandemic, the results from the ‘State of Your Spirit’ Survey shows that a significant segment of people will choose to Light Up the Dawn every year. The numbers show that almost 60% more people are looking to participate in ANZAC Day in the future,’’ says Mr. Stephen Davie, Managing Director of BrandNet – the owners of Military Shop, Army Shop, Navy Shop, and Air Force Shop. 


    Naturally, being a community-driven initiative at the onset of the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, the ‘State of Your Spirit’ Survey also garnered much vocal social support for the Light Up the Dawn movement. 











    "The conclusion is clear to us. Continues Mr Davie, One of the good things to come out of COVID is that Light Up the Dawn provided people with a powerful, more intimate option to commemorate ANZAC Day their way – if they’re disabled, or vulnerable, perhaps, live in isolated areas without public transport, or have little children to care for. Light Up the Dawn saw neighbourhoods and communities across the country become more united than ever, and it’s clear that it’s set to become an integral part of the nation’s ANZAC Day activities." 


    How did you Light Up the Dawn?

    Just like last year, many people chose to march to the end of their driveway and Light Up the Dawn for ANZAC Day with their own solemn ceremony last Sunday. We’d be deeply honoured to see and share any videos or images of how you chose to honour those who served. Please send your ANZAC Day photos or videos to


    Please feel free to share the State of Your Spirit Survey Results with your family and friends as the results are truly remarkable and encouraging.  


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