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    Be safe. Be You. Keeping our community safe with Contact Gear Face Masks.

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    Posted by Military Shop on Sep 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM

    Doing your bit is simple with Contact Gear Face Masks. Here at BrandNet, we want to help keep our community safe while also helping people express themselves. That’s why we came up with our 3-ply Contact Gear Face Masks available in a great range of patterns to suit any outfit and to help our community feel connected while staying apart.  


    Keeping our community safe. 


    With the growing threat of COVID-19 closer to home than ever before, and the introduction of mask requirements by the ACT government, our 3-ply Contact Gear Face Masks help to keep our community safe. Made from 3 layers and with elasticated ear loops, our face masks are comfortable and meet the recommendations of the Department of Health for reusable masks.   


    Rob Regent

    Rob is a coach and personal trainer with a big vision – to inspire people with a disability to live a great life and create a more understanding and inclusive community. Founder of Everyday Championsa social enterprise that encourages healthy lifestyles, builds life skills, runs sports activities and provides fun days out, he is a Local Hero finalist of Woden. He owns a Contact Gear Face Mask - Curtiss P-40 Tiger Teeth. 


    Helping our community express themselves. 


    Eye bags gone

    David, our warehouse manager and Caris, head of our retail, customer service and distribution made sure that the orders hundreds of orders from our defence forces were processed and dispatched, wearing Contact Gear Face Masks. Read full story here.


    With face masks required in BrandNet’s home town of Canberra, and in a number of places around Australia, being able to express yourself through your mask goes a long way to making wearing one even easier. Our Contact Gear Face Masks come in a range of great patterns to suit different outfits and styles, helping our community express themselves with this current addition to our wardrobes



    Who wore it better? Arthur and Kathryn both own the Contact Gear Pink Camouflage Face Mask.


    Making it easy and affordable.  


    Washing reusable face masks is incredibly important to make sure the wearer stays safe. Having more than one reusable mask means a clean one is always ready to go. Keeping our Contact Gear face masks affordable means our community can have more than one mask without breaking the bank, and now we want to make it even easier to stay safe with vouchers that can be used across our entire store.  


    Voucher Ad 1 (1)-2-1-1  

    We want to do our best to keep the community safe so we can all get back to life the way we like it. With our Unlock More Vouchers we want to make getting our Contact Gear Face Masks even easier. Use code ‘YourGift10’ when you spend $50 in store to get a $10 voucher off your cart and help keep your community safe. Go ahead and share the love.

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